8m Chery City Bus WD6815BEVG

Size: 8145×2365×3190 Seats: 65/15-29
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    China Port
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    60 days (as per contract)
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Long driving mileage | Large battery power; driving mileage per charge≥200km; mileage assured;
Long life cycle| 8-year battery warranty;
Low temperature resistance | Charge and discharge normally in cold climate in North China; adapt to climate in both South China and North China;
Great safety | The vehicle uses high-strength steel design, and the integral chassis; protection of relevant parts in high-voltage system reaches grade-IP67; it uses permanent magnet synchronous motor to secure safety and efficiency; the high-voltage shielded cable effectively avoids disturbances; the perfect safety control tactics ensure all high-voltage parts can secure vehicle safety;
Premium quality | Relying on R&D and testing resources of Chery Group, it has mature technologies and first-class supplier system.;


Main Parameters
Dimensions(mm) 8145×2365×3190
Seats 65/15-29
G.V.W(kg) 13800
Front/rear Suspension(mm) 1800/2045
Wheelbasemm 1990/1800
Working condition mileage; 295
Main Configurations
lithium battery Battery Power 140.95kwh
Motor CRRC Motor
Motor Controller CRRC Motor Controller
Vehicle Controller CRRC
Suspension System Air suspension
Front Axle Fangsheng Front Axle/Disc Brake
Rear Axle Fangsheng Electric Drive Rear Axle/Drum Brake
Service Brake Double circuit pneumatic brakeSelf-adjusting arm
Steering System Hydraulic booster steering machine
Tires 245/70R19.5-18PR
Body Frame Monocoque
A/C Roof-mounted A/C Cooling Capacity 22000Kcal/h
Heater Optional
TV Optional
Passenger Door Pneumatic Swing Door
Others Vehicle ElectrophoresisReversing monitorCAN

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.