Introduction of Workshops Mar 23, 2021

Welding workshop

It has three production lines for bus, medium bus and commercial vehicles. The punch, cutting and bending equipment has leading technology in China. The protective welding machines adopt the JV Panasonic brand; the ERW adopts the Tianjin 707 High Tech welders; besides, the welding robot hands developed by Chery Group on its own optimize the welding system, thus monitoring all operating parameters, alarm and stop of welding line, real-time monitoring and welding-point counting, etc. 

Coating workshop

Frame pre-treatment; battery is transported in program-controlled system; surface coating line adopts skidding and ground chain conveyor; the spray paint uses the most advanced high-pressure spray machine and atomizing technology; the bottom PVC coating working position adopts the air anti-skidding transport; the drying oven adopts the pattern drying structure. The highly-automatic vehicle electrophoresis line greatly improves the anti-erosion and anti-rust ability of vehicles. 

General assembly workshop

It has three production lines for bus, medium bus and commercial vehicles, with leading equipment in China. The highly efficient and sophisticated equipment, together with the rigorous technical standards, ensure consistency of all parts. Technical workers on key posts in key processes have received strict training and evaluation, thus having high standard of production. In both soft and physical strength, these elements ensure all vehicles have the best quality. 

Pre-delivery test workshop

Equipped with vehicle testing line, dot-repair and coating room, repair groove, AUDIT room, automatic spray room and four-wheel positioning system, all equipment on the production line takes the leading position in China. The quality control staff with holistic expertise have the best performance. Besides, the perfect testing means and leading testing devices control the product quality in the holistic way. 

Chery Holding Group is a diversified enterprise group based on automobile industry chain.

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